Action Management

Action managementpmOperation gathers all the actions & becomes the unique information platform | Follow-up actions & meetings in to do lists

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IncidentsIdentify and follow-up accidents, incidents and corrective actions | Organize safety meetings and define safety actions

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AuditsPlan, prepare and execute internal audits | Follow-up external audits, non-conformities, preventive and corrective actions

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REACHExecute and follow-up all work related to REACH certificates | Track Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

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Day-to-Day Operations and Logs

Day to Day operations and logsOrganize production meetings and define instruction tasks | Use the search engine to find information in the electronic logs

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MoCControl all work and safety aspects related to changes | Keep track of temporary changes in your plant

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Permits / Isolation

PermitsInitiate, prepare and control all permits needed to execute work in your plant | Manage isolation certificates and labels (LockOut/TagOut)

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Complaint Handling

Complaint HandlingTrack customer or supplier feedback and define corrective actions | Optimize your communication

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Competence Management

Competence ManagementPlan and track trainings, skill management | Automatically generate skill matrix based on existing information

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Process Documentation

Process DocumentationMake process documentation available for everybody
Update and approve new versions.

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Work is pushed in to-do lists.

pmOperation To-Do's

A clear view on ongoing work

Application pie-chart

-- TenForce succeeded to start-up 600 users in 10 mandays, the proof of a truly pragmatic approach.

TenForce project manager at Luminus

-- Every morning Outlook and pmOperation are fighting to be opened first, pmOperation is winning.

Plant manager Chemical Industry

-- The preparation time for an audit is minimized with pmOperation and I don't fear the auditors surprise questions.

Production manager Chemical Industry

How different is pmOperation?

  • we manage a lot of different processes, most tools only manage one
  • no default implementations, we fit your needs
  • pragmatic approach: up and running in 6 weeks!
  • open and integratable: full API interface

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